Our New Peer Mentoring Course

As a team, we recently made a new, twelve-week course as part of our schools-work projects. The course is called ‘Peer Mentoring.’ Our aim and hope is to empower and equip older pupils, from year 12-13, with the tools and experience to mentor younger pupils in their school.

The first six weeks focus on different areas of mentoring. These include, ‘good help, seeing the best in others, being yourself, empathy, healthy thinking, skillful thinking and getting started.’ The following six weeks will be when the pupils are paired with younger pupils and, as a team, we will meet with the peer mentors to discuss how their mentoring sessions are going.

We are currently rolling out a trial of the course in a secondary school at the moment. This will enable us to reflect, adapt, and improve the course, and start it again for the next group of students. Our first week was really successful! We were able to build great foundational relationships with the pupils, which we hope will enable us to teach them well.

Research has found that peer mentoring has high success rates, as student mentees are said to connect more with mentors when they’re closer in age as they feel that can relate to them more than an adult or teacher. To reinforce this, we have gathered the perspectives of teachers, qualified counsellors, and therapists. The conclusion from the discussions we had was that they believe peer mentoring will have many positive outcomes and is worth the investment.

We are excited about the starting of this course and are believing for it to connect well with the peer-mentors, and as an overflow effect, their pupils will benefit from strong mentoring sessions.

Click here to find out more information on our Energize Project.

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