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Team interview

I am hoping to support and empower individuals and communities and make a positive impact on hopefully at least one person’s life, if not more!

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Time for a good news story

Yes, it’s been a very difficult and dark week. You could have been excused for turning off your social media feeds altogether but, even if it’s just a welcome distraction, we have some good, local news to share.

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Interview with our new Youth Work Apprentice

We caught up with Reece, who from the end of September took on our new exciting and challenging role of Energize Apprentice.

Reece is working with the Energize team supporting our busy programme of schools work, activity clubs and holiday schemes and has already brought lots of enthusiasm and ideas to Acts Trust.

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What next for young people in Lincoln?

By Luke Wallace

Young people are not designed to be locked up.

A year ago, I may have said that young people today are more interested in being online than in person. I think of my childhood of involving run outs, tig, hide and seek, kerby, pokemon cards and gameboy color. Today, I thought, young people like TikTok, xbox and snapchat. Talking? Being face to face? Just nope.


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