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Interview with a Night Light Phone Volunteer –

by Pam Jenkinson Café Project Worker

When someone wants to volunteer with our Night Light team there are several ways that they can get involved. The majority of our volunteers opt to join a café team, where they meet with our guests face to face and go on a team rota. However, sometimes one of our volunteers offers to become a phone volunteer. We really value these people because they support us weekly, making calls to some of our most vulnerable guests and are the consistent support that they need when they are going through a difficult time.

How will the Community Grocery will become a ‘Game Changer’ for Foodbanks?

On the 5th October our Community Grocery store will be opening at Central Methodist Church. This will be a great opportunity for those needing to use Foodbank on a regular basis to be able to shop in a supermarket and pay for their food – but at a fraction of the price. The opening of the Community Grocery will undoubtedly have an impact on the Foodbank.  I caught up with one of our Distribution Centre Managers and this is what he had to say:

Interview: How is volunteering with Energize empowering young people?

By Lauren Johnson

I caught up with Kamila, one of our young volunteers recently. Kamila is a 16-year-old volunteer with us at Energize. Kamila is a regular volunteer at our Sincil Bank youth club and has been volunteering with us for a few months; she is a great asset to our volunteer team.

Q1: When did you hear about Energize and what was the first thing you did with us?

A: A few years ago. My friend Cole was coming to Energize for a while and said I should come too. I remember that I first came to some of the activities and trips that they run in the summer. It was fun!

Q2: How do you feel when you’re at Energize?

A: I love it. I feel happy and always have loads of fun. It also helps me build up my confidence which is good because sometimes I feel really awkward when talking to people but this is helping me get over that a bit.

Q3: Why did you want to start volunteering with Energize?

A: I really like working with kids and want to do that when I’m older as well so I just think it’ll help me build up the skills I need. It’s fun as well! I’m doing childcare at college at the minute so volunteering with kids outside of that is really helpful to get experience. The leaders are cool too and have helped me a lot with how I feel about myself.

Q4: Can you tell us a little more about how volunteering with Energize has helped you with your confidence?

A: Yeah, Lauren has helped me loads and showed me how to do lots of things at the Sincil Bank Youth Club. She has shown me how to count the money from subs and cash that up, she’s showed me how to connect and engage with younger kids well. Doing all that stuff has helped me so much I have even got a job now which is cool. I wouldn’t have been confident enough to do all stuff before but I’m used to it now.

Q5: What’s been your best highlight of volunteering so far?

A: Just getting to know people and building good relationships with younger kids and the youth leaders. I also love that it kind of feels like a family.

Fancy getting involved in volunteering just like Kamila? Check out our How You Can Help page for more info about volunteering opportunities.

An interview with St John the Baptist Ermine Night Light volunteers by Stacey Marriott

The Night Light cafes are safe spaces for people who are experiencing a crisis in their mental health. Night Light cafes operate in various areas of Lincoln on every day of the week. Yesterday I visited the St John’s Night Light cafe on the Ermine in Lincoln and had a chat with two of their volunteers, Jackie and Alice. Here is what they had to say:

Top Tips for Finding a New Job

Looking for work can often feel like an intimidating task: where to start, who to talk to, how to prepare for interviews – and what needs to go on a CV these days?

The good news is there is help on hand!

Earlier this year we launched our new Job Club in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP), an eight week course designed to support you along the journey to employment. With CAP we’ve put together 11 top tips we hope will help you with finding a new job that you’ll love. A special thanks to Paul Jackson (North West Area Manager) and Steve Hudson (Job Club Manager, Skipton) for sharing their top tips! If you’re currently looking for work, why not sign up for our free job club today?

Here are some top tips for finding a new job that’s right for you:

Interview: how are young volunteers are making good things happen in Sincil Bank?

by Luke Wallace

I caught up with Cole, who’s been volunteering at our Sincil Bank club (amoungst other things) for the last few months, and helped us double our attendance in the past 5 weeks by bringing a lot of humour and enthusiasm.

Cole is 16 years old, just finished school and also a very good goalkeeper!

Interview with Night Light Student Volunteers

by Pam Jenkinson – Night Light Café Project Worker

We have been really fortunate this year to have eighteen volunteers at our Night Light Cafes who are currently psychology students and attend either Bishop Grosseteste University or Lincoln University as part of their work experience placements. We have been overwhelmed with the quality and commitment they have shown to our project and many have continued to volunteer, even though they no longer need to put the placement hours in! 

Two of our outstanding student volunteers are Lauren and Ellie-Mae and I spoke with them about how they had heard about us. 

Interview: with Night Light Volunteers Martin and Kathryn

by Stacey Marriott – Night Light Crisis Café Coordinator

This week I caught up with two of the Night Light volunteers, Martin and Kathryn. Martin has previously been a guest at the Night Light Cafes and has recently applied and trained to become a ‘Peer Volunteer’. This role is for individuals who are no longer in crisis and want to become part of the Night Light community on a longer term basis, in a supporting capacity. Kathryn first applied to volunteer last summer and is now based with the Alive café at Newland on a Sunday evening having previously helped at the Bridge Central Café during lockdown 3. 

Can a Christian be depressed?

By Pam Jenkinson – Night Light Crisis Café Project Worker

I would want to start this blog with – of course – what a silly question! However, is it one? If someone has been set free because of the blood of Jesus, knows very clearly where they are heading, then surely there is no place for depression? Surely, Christians should be dancing and celebrating every day? What have they got to be depressed about or worry about anything? Don’t they believe the Bible when it says in John 8:36 – so if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed – there is no room for depression, anxiety or fear? Do they lack faith?

Yet …

How can being in a community benefit me?

By Lauren Johnson – Energize Activity Youth Worker

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Over the past year, communities across Lincoln, the nation, and the nations have come together like nothing I’ve ever seen before. From doorstop and garden visits in the freezing cold, for a ten-minute chat about the week, to making meals as an act of compassion to those who have lost loved ones. This year communities everywhere have stepped up their game to love each other. I find it inspiring.


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