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Community Fun Day

We’ve all been through a year apart from one another. Now is our chance to see our friends again!

Acts Trust are partnering with Bridge Church in Sincil Bank (Portland St) to facilitate an afternoon of socialising, games, crafts, inflatables and activities for all ages. Most of all it’s a chance to reconnect with your local community!

As part of this, we’ll be really interested to hear a bit about your community and how we can help in the months ahead, as well as sign post you to things that are already going on.

The day is free of charge thanks to support from Virgin O2, and the Sincil Bank Community Chest run by Lincoln City Council.


What next for young people in Lincoln?

By Luke Wallace

Young people are not designed to be locked up.

A year ago, I may have said that young people today are more interested in being online than in person. I think of my childhood of involving run outs, tig, hide and seek, kerby, pokemon cards and gameboy color. Today, I thought, young people like TikTok, xbox and snapchat. Talking? Being face to face? Just nope.


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