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What next for young people in Lincoln?

By Luke Wallace

Young people are not designed to be locked up.

A year ago, I may have said that young people today are more interested in being online than in person. I think of my childhood of involving run outs, tig, hide and seek, kerby, pokemon cards and gameboy color. Today, I thought, young people like TikTok, xbox and snapchat. Talking? Being face to face? Just nope.

But in a year where we’ve all been forced online, I’ve had to conclude I was wrong. Young people hate being online. Despite the addictiveness of our phones, deliberately designed for endless scrolling (and don’t judge young people- you know you do it too!), young people crave up close and personal friendships, physical challenge and adventure.

This is why, over the coming months, we have some big plans to help young people do just this; ditching the xboxes for actual football tournaments, trips to wildlife parks, multi sports, outdoor games, walks, creative workshops, cycle rides and fun days. All the good stuff.

We have our first set of in-person schemes of 2021 coming up this Easter Holiday. If you have any young people between ages 11 and 18, check out our program and get signed up here.

Young People are really the same as everyone else; they can’t wait to say goodbye to zoom and hello to actual, real life people.


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