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Do Numbers Tell Stories?

By Gill Simpson, Finance Manager, Acts Trust

What image does ‘Story Telling’ conjure up for you? ‘Once upon a time’ ….. ‘They lived happily ever after’ maybe. Perhaps it has taken you back to school, to that end of day story read to you before heading home. A story just before bedtime is a fond childhood memory for many people. In Britain most stories told are those read from a book brought alive with facial expressions, tone and pace of voice and a little embellishment from the reader. Some people are amazing at improvising stories they tell and in many cultures stories are used as a way of passing on traditions and history.

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How do you pray during difficult times?

By Simon Hawking

When my eldest son was a baby, my wife and I visited an NCT sale. This is where parents can bring all their unused ‘nearly new’ baby things for a ‘bring and buy’ style sale.

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How to avoid being fully reliant on Fragile Funding

By Gill Simpson, Finance Manager

Did you have a classroom pet?

Back in the late ’90s/early ’00s I was working in Education Finance for an East Midlands Local Authority at a time when it was fashionable for the government to provide targeted funding for schools – with a narrow list of things it could be spent on.

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Murder Mystery Night!

Join our 15 Year fundraiser for Acts Trust

Lincoln Hotel, Eastgate Lincoln, 24th November at 7:30pm

Hold up! Fancy a bit of sleuthing? The Acts team will be hosting a Murder Mystery night at the Lincoln Hotel on the 24th November!

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