An Interview with a Night Light Café Guest

by Stacey Marriott – Night Light Café Coordinator

We value all our guests who come to our Night Light cafes, whether this is for a one off visit or to come to find a weekly safe haven. I recently met up with one of our guests, Anastasia for a chat and this is what she had to tell me:

Q What’s your favourite animal and why?

I love cows, I really love a big ginger cow! I also love sloths because they are sleepy and slow like me.

Q I notice you have blue hair, tell us about that?

I thought that everyone was staring at me, so I thought I would make them stare! I dyed my hair blue and got lots of piercings.

Q How did you hear about Night Light Café?

My Social Prescriber referred me for support.

Q How did you feel the first time you came along?

I was very nervous until I spoke to you on the phone. You really put me at ease, so I came that night.

Q What do you think of the volunteers?

They are all nuts! That’s what makes it fun, we can have a laugh.

Q How has coming helped you?

It has helped my mental health in a lot of ways. It has enabled me to get out of the house, I have made new friends and I feel like I’m not so alone.

Q What message would you give to someone struggling with their mental health?

Come along to the Night Light Café and give it a try. Also, the Bridge community café puts on loads of activities which help you forget all the rubbish.

If you would like support at one of our cafes. We are open every night of the week at different locations around Lincoln. You can email us at, call 0300 011 1200 or Message us on our Facebook page


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