Author: stacey

Power to the People – How can we empower ourselves?

Stacey Marriott – Night Light Crisis Cafe Coordinator

I was recently offered a course of therapy sessions, and as a firm believer that such activity is beneficial to all, whether they are feeling the need for it or not, I jumped at the chance. Over the course of seven sessions, with the assistance of the therapist I identified areas of my life which were troublesome and in need of some work. I learnt strategies for managing these situations better and discovered so much about the inner workings of my mind. During the penultimate session the therapist asked me how I had found the activity, over all. A picture jumped into my head of myself and the therapist side by side on an archaeological dig, and I explained that I felt like she had provided me with tools and had taught me how to dig and would now be stepping away and I would be equipped to continue the work alone. This was a powerful image of empowerment and it has made me reflect on our role at the Night Light cafe

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