Winner of the 2024 Lincoln Civic Award

We are absolutely thrilled and deeply honoured to announce that Acts Trust has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Lincoln Civic Award!

All good things at the Bridge Community Hub

Written by Mike Fowler

Foodbank is a great way for our church to make a real difference in our community and to do what
we can to combat isolation and poverty.

The nutritionally balanced parcels are well designed to support people for three days when they are
short of food, but they don’t give people a lot of choice and we often have guests leaving items
behind. We’re fortunate to have lots of space to store food and welcome guests so we’ve been
hatching plans to give people more choice over what food they get and to give them opportunities to
contribute if they can.

How to Reduce the Use of Food Banks

By Simon Hawking

How do you feel about the existence of food banks in the UK?

The Trussell Trust’s long-term goal to end the need for food banks is one that the general public agrees with: 77% think that food banks should not be needed in the UK. 93% that everyone should be able to buy enough food for themselves and their family. (YouGov).

Mental Wellbeing -Let’s Talk

By Kimberley Exton

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everyday life & societal pressures? 

Do you ever feel guilty for taking some time for you?  

What fires you up? What sparks passion within your soul? 

What feeds your reason for being? 

You are the one person in your life that must be a priority, in order to fulfill God’s purpose and live a well balanced and satisfied existence. To thrive and flourish, you must LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

February Half Term at Energize: Fun, Friendship & Growth

We have been having a great time at Energize recently.

Over February Half Term, we worked on the Monks Road estate, reaching out to young people in the area. We also provided outreach/detached youth work, based on the Lincoln Arboretum park, resulting in us propping up football goals & enjoying the open space. 

The rest of the week, we had some warm indoor space at Alive Lincoln Central, where we cooked pizzas for young people & had games consoles out for them to play on. They really enjoyed this time.

Why 60 minutes could make all the difference to your health.

One hour per month.

It doesn’t sound like much, does it? You could watch almost a whole football match, an episode
of The Apprentice or cook a pasta bake in the same time. You could also spend one hour
focusing on your mental health, one of the most valuable ways to improve your wellbeing.
Working alongside the Foodbank, Community Grocery and the Night Light Cafe
is the Restore Programme.

What does it mean to be a volunteer?

Have food banks created a community with a positive outlook for the future? In today’s world, where food insecurity continues to be a pressing issue, food banks stand as: potential symbols of hope, a last resort, or a form of action in likely times of uncertainty. Behind the scenes, we have a dedicated team of unsung heroes – the volunteers. Thinking of the definition below, ‘volunteers’ are also people, with their own back stories and future chapters, actively participating for the greater good, whatever their motivation. 




  • 1.
  • freely offer to do something.
    “140 employees volunteered for redundancy”

c. 1600, “one who offers himself for military service,” from French voluntaire, “one who volunteers,” also as an adjective, “voluntary,” from Latin voluntarius “voluntary, of one’s free will.” Non-military sense is first recorded 1630s, and as an adjective from 1640s.

Effectively, we’re saying that these individuals dedicate their own free time and efforts to ensure that no one in their community goes hungry. Their role is not only vital, but also, a symbol of the power of collective action and human compassion. They choose to be present. They are not obligated to be. Yet from the below, we can see that ‘mentions’ of the word “volunteer” are on the decrease. Where does this leave organisations who depend on the generosity and nature of people like this?

Differ if you will, but volunteers allow organisations such as Acts Trust to simply function at all. Period. Without them, we are no more. From receiving inward deliveries and donations, and organising and distributing those into set volumes for those who need it most in our community, to offering a listening ear in themes of hardship, and making space for another human to feel safe. They are involved in every step of the process.

Given the huge credit they deserve, their skillset doesn’t lie in simple tasks, however. It is ingrained in their souls. They bring empathy, and warmth, and breed compassion amongst the people they’re surrounded by, be that, guest, or, fellow teammate. It’s not always easy, nor simple, yet they show up, consistently, through adversity as well as success. 

Endearing they may be, but the impact of their presence here is more than that. It extends far beyond the immediate distribution of food – a handing over of a parcel with a smile, if you will. By offering their time, experience, and skills, volunteers create a ripple effect of positive change within communities through connection, building dignity, trust, friendship, inspiring deeper conversation, as well as the potential for those less fortunate now, to consider doing the same when they are able.

Remarkably fulfilling, you see many sides to many people, and many situations, to many circumstances. It can bring a wave of emotions. One thing it most certainly is, however, is humbling. It reminds us to be grateful for what we do have in our own lives, rather than seek what we have not. It shows us that under difficult times, we can all learn something from each other and show up with a positive attitude to life. It shows solidarity and human spirit. It shows us that human kindness knows no bounds.

To find more about how you can volunteer click here

Do you Know the 4 Reasons why 2023 Felt Pretty Daunting?

By Simon Hawking


That’s the word to describe how I felt during the Christmas period last year.

So much of what we’d been dreaming about for years with Acts was on the brink of happening and we knew that the next 12 months would be crucial.

What’s New with the Night Light Cafes?

by Stacey Marriott – Night Light Cafe Manager

The Night Light Cafes continues to be part of the NHS Community Mental Health Transformation Programme, which is being rolled out throughout England and Acts Trust. The project has seen a lot of change over recent months, including the launch of new cafes and the welcoming of new team members, so here is a whistle stop update!

A Jam-Packed November with Restore!

By Joy Velykorodnyy

As the nights draw in, and our thoughts turn towards Christmas, we can often find ourselves worrying about how we are going to afford those little extras this year. Christians Against Poverty have helped thousands of people through their money course, and have now revamped and updated it. We will be running the updated course in the run-up to Christmas and more courses in the New Year.

Keeping Cosy on a Budget: Winter Money-Saving Tips

By Simon Hawking

As winter draws near and the temperature drops, many of us are faced with the challenge of keeping our homes warm without breaking the bank. Fear not, we’ve got a few budget-friendly tips up our sleeves to help you keep cosy without a hefty heating bill. Let’s dive into some ways to reduce costs during the chilly months…


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