Interview with Mel, a Night Light Café Volunteer

by Pam Jenkinson – Night Light Café Project Worker

Mel, has been volunteering at one of our Night Light cafes since 2021. She shares with us the passion and vision of what Night Light stands for and we so appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm she gives to the café she volunteers at. I asked Mel about why she has chosen to volunteer with us at Night Light and why she feel there is a necessity for this project.

Mel – Night Light Volunteer
  1. Where did you first hear about Night Light Café? 

I contacted the Volunteer Centre Services as I was looking for volunteering with an organisation on the mental health field and they told me about this project and how brilliant it was.

  1. What made you want to become a volunteer? 

I have been a volunteer for other organisations before and it is the best way to learn new skills and to donate my knowledge and time in return. At this occasion, I wanted to have experience in helping relationships and mental health support, a base to support my career change before starting my MSc in Psychological Sciences (Conversion) after 20 years working in the Communications field and mostly, to help people.

  1. What impact do you think Night Light is having on people who are suffering with their mental health

I believe that Night Light has a very positive impact on people who are struggling, they can literally walk in and ask for help, in a safe and friendly environment, with people who are dedicating their time to help others. Having someone to actively listen to the guests makes a massive difference for them, they can talk and also reflect on what they are saying, take the weight off their chest and also socialise as contact with people might be all what a guest need when they feel lonely (and John makes the best coffee so they are always spoiled!) The guests can find the right guidance and be signposted when volunteers can’t offer the help they need, so they are always supported one way or another.

  1. What’s your favourite thing about being a volunteer? 

Helping people is extremely rewarding for me and I love meeting so many different people of all walks of life. I feel privileged that they trust to share their stories with me.

  1. What would you say to someone who was considering being a volunteer with us? 

You will start an amazing journey on the path of learning and helping, will make a huge difference in people’s lives and will always be supported by a great team who run Acts Trust. They are very approachable and always easy to contact when you need support, provide free training and support your mental health as well when things get overwhelming. It’s a great opportunity so go for it. Oh, and also their volunteer meetings always have delicious cookies! 

If you are interested in volunteering with us at Night Light you can request further information by emailing us at

Alternatively, if you would like support at one of our cafes. We are open every night of the week at different locations around Lincoln. You can email us at, call 0300 011 1200 or Message us on our Facebook page


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