How has Energize helped young people through the recent COVID pandemic?

By Lauren Johnson

Over the course of the pandemic, young people across Lincoln have connected in with Energize in various ways through schools work delivery, holiday schemes, sports, evening youth clubs, and trips.

Activities such as those mentioned above have allowed us to build strong relationships and foundations for deeper conversations about how they are emotionally and mentally. Through these conversations, we’ve had discussions about grief, family, friendships, peer pressure, relationships and many more. These are some of key challenges for young people at the moment, and the conversations have been largely led by young people themselves, which we believe speaks volumes of the relationships built.

One young person said that whilst they are at Energize, they “always laugh” which is great to hear! Another young person said that after joining Energize in 2020 it “has put the bad things that has happened away and helped to focus on something better”.

These types of examples from young people are helpful to understand the impact of our Energize activities around the city.

We love the opportunity we have to engage with youth in Lincoln and are thankful for the impact we’ve made over the year.

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