Interview: How is volunteering with Energize empowering young people?

By Lauren Johnson

I caught up with Kamila, one of our young volunteers recently. Kamila is a 16-year-old volunteer with us at Energize. Kamila is a regular volunteer at our Sincil Bank youth club and has been volunteering with us for a few months; she is a great asset to our volunteer team.

Q1: When did you hear about Energize and what was the first thing you did with us?

A: A few years ago. My friend Cole was coming to Energize for a while and said I should come too. I remember that I first came to some of the activities and trips that they run in the summer. It was fun!

Q2: How do you feel when you’re at Energize?

A: I love it. I feel happy and always have loads of fun. It also helps me build up my confidence which is good because sometimes I feel really awkward when talking to people but this is helping me get over that a bit.

Q3: Why did you want to start volunteering with Energize?

A: I really like working with kids and want to do that when I’m older as well so I just think it’ll help me build up the skills I need. It’s fun as well! I’m doing childcare at college at the minute so volunteering with kids outside of that is really helpful to get experience. The leaders are cool too and have helped me a lot with how I feel about myself.

Q4: Can you tell us a little more about how volunteering with Energize has helped you with your confidence?

A: Yeah, Lauren has helped me loads and showed me how to do lots of things at the Sincil Bank Youth Club. She has shown me how to count the money from subs and cash that up, she’s showed me how to connect and engage with younger kids well. Doing all that stuff has helped me so much I have even got a job now which is cool. I wouldn’t have been confident enough to do all stuff before but I’m used to it now.

Q5: What’s been your best highlight of volunteering so far?

A: Just getting to know people and building good relationships with younger kids and the youth leaders. I also love that it kind of feels like a family.

Fancy getting involved in volunteering just like Kamila? Check out our How You Can Help page for more info about volunteering opportunities.

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