Night Light Volunteer: Rebecca

Over the Christmas period, we put out a social media appeal to recruit some temporary volunteers to work in our Night Light Cafes, so that we would be able to remain open every day, including Christmas day. We were overwhelmed with the response we had from a range of people including teachers on their Christmas breaks, mental health social workers and therapists. Even more special for us, was that over 50% of these temporary volunteers have now asked to continue to volunteer with us throughout the year.

Rebecca, a teacher from Lincoln, is one of these incredible volunteers, who stepped up and supported us all through Christmas and has now joined one of our cafés permanently. I asked Rebecca to tell me more about her experiences volunteering with our team.

1) How did you hear about being a Christmas volunteer with us at Night Light?

 A Facebook post on my local community site. 

2) What has your experience been like with us – what have you enjoyed? Have there been any challenges? Was it what you expected?

It has been really rewarding. All the leads and volunteers I met were incredibly welcoming and answered any questions I had. I enjoyed being able to give back but also learn a lot from your leads in terms of their amazing speaking and listening skills.

There were no challenges faced and if there was, they were supported by the leads. I was surprised with how quiet some of the cafes seemed to be with the locations of them.  

3) What has made you want to continue to volunteer with us now permanently?

Being able to work with likeminded people to support those who are finding things tricky. Build on my own speaking and listening skills to further understand mental health and wellbeing and how I can help. 

4) Do you feel that there is a need for Night Light in Lincoln?

 Absolutely. I think it’s extremely important and a lifeline for a lot of people. I wish more people knew about it. 

5) If someone was thinking of joining our volunteer team, what would you say to them?

I would advise them to definitely volunteer. I spoke with a colleague about my experiences over Christmas and they have already made contact to become a volunteer.

If you would like to become a volunteer with us you can email us at Or to access this service, or to refer someone for support from Night Light, please call 0300 011 1200.


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