An interview with an Energize Young Person

We caught up with one of our Energize young people from our Waddington Youth Club to hear about how she is finding the youth club.

What is your favourite thing about Energize? 


Does coming to Energize have a positive impact on your life?

Scored: 4/5

Can you give an example of how Energize has made a positive impact on your life (if any at all)?

It has made me happy to come and see friends every week.

Has Energize helped you in any way (physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally etc) over the past year of the pandemic?

Scored: 4/5

Can you give an example of how Energize has helped you over the past year? Expand on your previous answer.

It has helped me feel more confident and have fun.

It is great to hear about young people being impacted by youth work in the city. To hear of young people enjoying our youth clubs because they are building friendships as well as building their confidence is so encouraging. Above is a picture from Waddington Youth Club of some young people playing sports. Often when young people come to us, they are shy and won’t want to engage much with the activities. Here we can see that they are having a great time playing sports and building friendships.

How can people get involved or support?

We’re always looking for people to volunteer with us (Get in touch for more info about this).

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