With Energy Bills Set To Rise This Year, How Can You Be Prepared?

The latest news on the changes to all our upcoming energy bills can be rather daunting, if not a little scary! 

We’ve put together some tips to help you reduce your bills, and how you can best prepare for the months ahead.

1. Check your budget

It’s pretty much inevitable that all our bills will increase this year. This is the perfect time to review your budget, make sure everything is accounted for, and to avoid finding yourself in debt further down the road. 

Why not come along to one of our free budgeting courses in Lincoln: we’ll help you look at your budget in real numbers, and teach you some great skills in managing your money. Book your place today by visiting bit.ly/restore-signup 

2. Don’t forget to move, bundle up and grab a cuppa 

It may sound obvious, but the more clothing you wear when it’s cold, the less you need to crank up the heating at home. So grab a jumper, a pair of thick socks and a cosy blanket and see what a difference it can make! An extra blanket on your bed and a hot water bottle can really make a difference at night so you can comfortably turn your heating down while you sleep. 

When we spend a lot of time at home, it’s normal for us to sit for long periods of time: this can often make us feel colder! Before you reach for the thermostat, try doing something active for five or ten minutes to get your heart rate up and blood pumping to help you feel warmer.

Also, don’t underestimate the effect a hot cup of tea or coffee can have: it warms the hands as well as the insides! 

3. Close your doors

Make sure your internal doors are kept closed to help keep the heat in. This is especially effective when there is more than one person in a room!

If you notice your doors are draughty, you can use draught-proofing strips for any gaps around the edges of the door frame, and draught excluders on the bottom of doors. You can even get super crafty and use cling film to create home-made double glazing for draughty windows!

4. Turn down your thermostat

It can be so tempting to turn up the heat on your thermostat when it gets cold, but did you know that turning your thermostat down by just 1°C could save you a good few quid across the year? Often you won’t notice the difference in temperature, and it’s worth trying – if you get too chilly you can always turn it up again.

If you have any rooms that aren’t in use much (perhaps a spare room or office), think about adjusting the dial on your radiator to reduce overheating an empty room.

5. Time your heating

There’s no point wasting energy when you’re not in, and although most of us spend a lot more time at home during the winter, there’s still a place for timing your heating. 

You’re not likely to need your heating on when you’re curled up under a duvet sleeping, or when you know you’re going to be out of the house. Try timing your heating so that it’s warm when you wake up or come home.

6. Think how much energy you use

A lot of our energy usage is from habit, but thinking about how and when we use our energy can make a big difference. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Try only boiling the kettle for the amount of water you need rather than filling to the top each time
  • Focus on doing a full load of washing rather than several half loads
  • Put a lid on your saucepans when you’re boiling water: quickens the cook time and saves on energy! 
  • Turn lights off in rooms when you’re not in them 
  • Keep an eye on energy vampires: devices that are always plugged in that drain energy: chargers, multiple consoles on standby, computers permanently on sleep mode etc

Individually these changes are unlikely to save you millions, but together they add up! 

7. Debt Support

If you’re worried about any debt you currently have and how you will manage when bills start to rise, don’t wait until they do before asking for help! 

Sometimes the problem isn’t a reluctance to ask for debt help, but not knowing where to get debt help. We’d highly recommend the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Support team: they are a highly trained, supportive team providing free support in your area. 

The first step is often the hardest. To ask for debt help is intimidating. But their friendly team will give you a listening ear and provide a solution. If you’re struggling with debt today, don’t wait any longer, call free on 0800 328 0006. 

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