Is it Acceptable to use a Foodbank?

I started working for Lincoln Foodbank in 2015 and during that year we helped 2185 people with emergency food parcels. Last year Lincoln Foodbank helped 4524 people in crisis with emergency food parcels, 1600 of those people were children. That’s a massive 107% increase in people needing support.

Situations like ill health, job loss or a global pandemic can happen to any of us, however, if you are living on or below the poverty line (like 1/4 children in Lincoln are) it’s going to start that spiral into crisis meaning you can’t afford the essentials like gas, electricity or food.

We can’t let these numbers continue to rise, we can’t have another 100% increase in people needing support, it’s time to see these numbers go down. And we need you to stand alongside us. You can support us by donating food to meet the rising need, by volunteering with us or giving financially.

The poem ‘Acceptable’ was written by Caroline, she shares her experience of how she felt needing to use the Foodbank and her experience whilst there.

For more information on how to join or support the team click here

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