Our Brilliant Team at Hykeham Distribution Centre

By Cat Middleton – Foodbank Project Worker

In April we opened our fifth Distribution Centre, which is located in North Hykeham. When we mapped out what areas of the city Lincoln Foodbank were reaching and how far guest’s were having to travel to collect a food parcel, we decided we needed to plant another Distribution centre in the South of the city to make it as easy as possible for guests to access a food parcel. There are three churches partnering together with a group of volunteers to help run the Distribution centre. Our team leaders Mel and Sheila have done a brilliant job in helping set up the centre and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Since Hykeham Distribution Centre opened, the team have met many people in need of support for such a variety of reasons. They have met guests from all walks of life, from those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, to people who are struggling with day to day expenses. 

When chatting with Mel she spoke about how food poverty is such an ongoing social issue in the UK, so volunteering at Foodbank is a very small way of being part of the support for the most vulnerable. She also mentioned that the centre had guests using the centre straightaway, showing the need for a Distribution centre in the South of the city. 

Thank you to Mel, Sheila and your team for the great work you are doing in the South of our city.

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