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Chris, you’ve volunteered on a number of teams over the lat year and a half, what made you get involved? 

It was at the start of Covid, it really highlighted to me that I am lucky enough to have what I have, however there are loads of people who haven’t got enough. I had been there before earlier on in my life and I saw this as an opportunity to give something back. 

What’s been one of the best things about volunteering for Foodbank? 

Having been on a number of different teams from admin, to warehouse, to Distribution Centre I really have been able to see the full picture. Foodbank is massive and the work is massive and by helping in the sectors of it I have really learnt how the process works and how it all comes together. It makes you realise that every volunteer  and every job is so important. 

What’s been the biggest surprise when volunteering for Foodbank? 

I think for me it’s the amount of people who use it and the types of people who use it. It really has taught me not to judge. You might look at someone or look at their circumstances and think that they are alright, however when you sit down and chat to them you realise there is so much going on and they really do need the help. 

What would you say to someone who feels like they don’t ‘qualify’ for Foodbank? 

I would say please don’t fee like that at all. As i mentioned I have been in that situation before, it was a really tough time and I was at rock bottom. I reached out for help and that help was the stepping stone to getting everything else sorted. If you are in my situation don’t be afraid to ask for help, the Foodbank is there for anyone who needs it. 

What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering? 

Go for it!! It’s such a great place to be and meet people. I love chatting to people and I feel that through my conversations I have learnt so much about life. Volunteering for Foodbank is an opportunity to get out there and do something great! 

I just want to say a really big thank you to Chris and all the volunteers who have helped over the last 3 days at our Tesco Collection. Whether it was for 1 hour or a full day, whether it was your first time or one of many thank you so much! We could not do this without you. 

To find our more about ways you can help click here.

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