Tesco Christmas Collection at Lincoln Foodbank

This week over three days, we have been in Tesco on Wragby Road and Canwick Hill doing our annual Christmas collection. It been a really busy and brilliant three days

This is my third Tesco collection but, my previous two had restrictions around them due to the pandemic. My first collection was in November 2020, we couldn’t have any volunteers in store and definitely not hand out leaflet. We tried to push our campaign through social media but, it is not the same as having a team in store. My second collection was in July 2021. This collection, we could only have two volunteers in store at one time and we still couldn’t hand out leaflet. However, for this collection, November 2021 we have many volunteers in store. We are handing out leaflets, engaging with members of the public. And most of all we can say thank you!!

The public have been so generous. We have had so many donations from single items to whole trollies full. Every item is appreciated and goes a long way. All food donated will go to support individuals and families around Lincoln.

A big THANK YOU to all who volunteered their time and a BIG Thank YOU to those that donated!

If you would like to volunteer with Foodbank or any of the other Act’s project, please click here

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