An Interview with our Foodbank Volunteer; Jemma Collins

Tell me a little about yourself….

Hello! I’m Jemma and I live in Lincoln with my husband Dave and our two boys Eli and Arlo. I’m currently on maternity leave and I go back to work in January 2022. I work for Alive Church in admin and communications.

How long have you been volunteering with Foodbank?

I can’t remember the exact date I started, but I think it was my second or third year at University which would have been 2010 – so over 10 years!

What made you want to volunteer with a Foodbank?

I really hate the idea of people going hungry, I feel like it’s such a simple thing to have food and I wanted to help make sure anyone who needed it had access to a meal. When I talked to B about getting involved it sounded like a great project and the team were brilliant and I haven’t looked back!

What’s your favourite part about being part of the Foodbank team?

I love getting to know all the volunteers! It’s so lovely that so many people are willing to give their time and skills to help others and it’s loads of fun working with each other each week. I also absolutely love the supermarket collections – I think people in Lincoln are so generous, it’s amazing to see how many donations we get.

What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteer?

It’s so worth it! There’s lots of different options so you can find something that works best for you and it doesn’t have to be long, maybe a couple of hours a fortnight but, you can make sure a difference to someone’s life. 

What would you say to someone worried about accessing Foodbank?

Foodbank is for everyone and anyone. You never know when you might need to access it but if you ever do you will find such a welcoming friendly team who genuinely care. And who knows, maybe one day you can return the favour and join a team!

A big THANK YOU to all who volunteer with Lincoln Foodbank

If you would like to volunteer with Foodbank or any of the other Act’s project, please click here

If you would to give to Lincoln Foodbank, please click here

If you are in need of a food parcel, please click here

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